Baltimore Farmer's Market and Bazaar

Red Door Studio's main retail location is at the Baltimore Farmer's Market, where we've been vending for three years. The market is a fantastic example of the local goods available in Baltimore, where you can buy all of your groceries, catch up on gift shopping and even take a lunch break to sip on some Zeke's coffe and nom on a delicious Black Sauce biscuit. The Market is active from the beginning of April until the Sunday before Christmas. Rain or shine, blizzard or no, the market is open and vendors are doing their thing from 7am-12pm Sunday mornings! 

Red Door Studio can be found every week at booth 3, on the Island across from the entrance to the food market from the bazaar.



In 2012 Red Door Studio had the privelage to work with RAW: natural born artists, an independent arts organization that helps to support and promote local artists internationally. They provide artists with tools such as annual exhibitions where artists can showcase their work, a profile overview on the RAW website, and promotional video including show footage and interview.

During RAW shows, artists are judged by a panel of fashion and arts judges from the community, and also by the attending public. At the end of the evening awards are presented to an artist from each category. Red Door Studio was given the opportunity to participate in the 2012 showcase, and was honored with the 'Accessories Designer of the Year' award. 

You can find RAW's Red Door studio page here.



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